A-EFIS comes in two versions. The lite (free) Version and the pro (paid) version

Lite version

  • No limitations in functionality. All features are present and 100% functional.
  • No ads of any kind.
  • No popups and disturbing prompts whatsoever, with the exception of a single reminder when you first open the app.
  • Free

Pro version

  • Price: Aprox. 60 Euro (exact price in app store varies according to local taxation. Please use the links below to check the exact price in your country/region.)
  • No additional costs, no add-ons, and no subscriptions.
  • Lifetime free upgrades. You will have the app you paid for, bug-fixed and updated, for as long as we develop it.
  • A single license permits installation in as many devices as you like (current and future) with the same operating system (IOS or Android), in compliance with Google play store and Apple's app store policies. That is, you can simultaneously install it in your iPhone, your iPad, and, of course in your next iPhone, if/when you buy it. The same with Android.

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