A-EFIS does not communicate any information (personal or not) to us, except when you choose to register your app.

If you chose to register your app, you are asked to share some information with us including your name, your city and country, the plane type you are flying with, the air club that you may belong to, and your A-EFIS and OS version. Your email client is opened by A-EFIS and you are asked to email us this information in plain text in order to complete the registation. The contents of the registration email are edited by you before they are sent to us.

Similarly, if, for whatever reason, you send us an email (e.g. for support or feedback) we will keep your email for future correspondence.

All the personal data you share with us, is kept in order to assess and respond to enquiries from you, offer you the best possible support and for statistical purposes. We will not share any of your personal information and we will not use your email address to spam you.

You can always request to have all the information we keep for you erased. If you wish to contact us about your personal data, you are always welcome to write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +30 2811112775.